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Create Travel is all about the best value for money holidays we can provide. We also understand that some clients don’t see the value of our knowledge or service but want the security of having someone else make the booking and we understand that too, we can offer a no frills service for those people that want it.

We have to evolve as travel agents to compete with the internet, and we strive to offer the best advice, best value and best support to our clients. The experience and knowledge we have to offer is worth something extra.

Just what all that is worth to someone they will never know unless they experience the difference between what we do and anything else.

These are just some of the things that can go wrong on a holiday:

1. Lose your passport
2. Civil unrest occurs
3. The airline cancels your flights
4. You miss your flights
5. You arrive at your hotel and they tell you your booking doesn’t exist
6. Your transfer doesn’t show up
7. You don’t have a valid passport
8. You don’t have a visa
9. A natural disaster occurs
10. An airline strikes
11. You lose all your documents

If you booked these arrangements yourself, think about what you would do in each of these situations. Would you call the company you booked with? Wait what was it called and what exactly are their contact details? Do they speak English? Do they have Australian representation? Do they offer refunds, changes? Will they fax a copy of your booking to the hotel? So you booked a low cost airline carrier online but didn’t realize that they reserve the right to consolidate flights to keep the cost of flights down but you needed to get to your destination on that day because that is when your cruise departs... The list goes on. The nightmare doesn’t seem to end. It doesn’t matter how much you saved or how much your holiday costs if you didn’t enjoy it or it didn’t work out, it wasn’t worth whatever amount you paid.

But there is one answer to all these situations. If you booked with Create Travel you only have to call one number. Mind you - most of these issues wouldn’t have arisen to start with!

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